Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pygmalion: A Work In Progress (two)

Below, I have posted the next seven pages of Pygmalion. This chapter is entitled "Everybody's a Critic, or: Art-Official Intelligence".

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pygmalion: A Work In Progress (one)

The story of Pygmalion is that of the artist who falls in love with his own work. My upcoming graphic novel examines this concept by observing the Artiste, as he creates, pursues and ultimately destroys (or is destroyed by) the various objects of his affection. Expanding on themes touched on in my comic Hayseed, this new work is an exploration of the titular Greek tragedy.

The book is broken up into two parts. The first is a series of short pieces, pantomime gag strips, which explore variations on the theme. By turns funny, sad and thoughtful, these vignettes introduce the self-centered and deluded protagonist as well as his tendency toward misguided romance. These love affairs are doomed to failure because of their very nature.

Below, I have posted the first five pages. This chapter is entitled "By George, I Think She's Granite!"